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October Reads

Posted by Munk

1.Sarah's Child - Linda Howard
2.Covet - J.R. Ward
3.Dark Lover - Brenda Joyce (Fell in love with Ian)
4.Instinctive - Cathryn Fox (Delish)
5.In The Blood - Adrian Phoenix (Loving this series)


ParaJunkee said...

I just picked up Covet by JR Ward today, reading it for Blog with Bite and I can't wait to start! You have a great site, I'm now following. - ParaJunkee

Smokinhotbooks said...

I finished Covet last week. You'll have to let me know what ya think. Is Sarah's Child a new Linda Howard bk...?

Marissa said...

I also read Covet, the other I don't know, but I have not read one book from Linda Howard's hand yet...

Munk said...

Smokin - Sarah's child is an older Linda Howard release. Sadly (because I love LH) I would recommend you read another one of her books (MacKenzie's Mountain is Fabulous!). I just didn't like the hero and can't relate to the heroin at all.
I've been sick so I still haven't finished Covet yet. I'm glad it has finally started to pick up. It was slow going at first.

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