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The Amanda Project: Invisible I

Posted by Munk

The Amanda Project Book 1: Invisible I by:
Stella Lennon, aka Melissa Kantor

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Received this book as a ARC. I just finished up and can I just say WOW! I must say I was a little skeptical about this book because normally YA books are hit & miss with me. This one was a hit in a big way. This story is solid, well written and had me intrigued very early on in the book. The characters are amazing and I love the fact we get to see them grow and come into their own. The mystery is deep (I can't wait to solve it myself) and will keep any adult entertained while still being exciting and suspenseful enough to keep young readers engaged. It is well written and with such a light touch I will happily allow my 11 yr old to read it. I'm looking forward to book 2 and can't wait to find out more about Amanda.


Callie Leary has exactly one thing, and one thing only, in common with Nia Rivera and Hal Bennett:They were each chosen by Amanda to be her guide. When Amanda arrived at Endeavor High, she told Callie she moves around a lot and always picks one person to help her navigate the choppy waters of a new school. Why did Amanda lie?Following a course that they suspect Amanda deliberately plotted, Callie, Nia, and Hal piece together some cryptic clues. But they find more questions than answers and quickly realize that before they can figure out what happened to Amanda-the girl who changed their lives-they'll need to solve the most important mystery of all: WHO IS AMANDA VALENTINO?

There's more to the story at . . . .


Book Junkie said...

I have the ARC as well and haven't picked it up yet, thanks for the review, I have put it next on my list to read this weekend!!

Donna (Fantasy Dreamer) said...

Nice review! What sub-genre is this book?

Smokinhotbooks said...

First, I've been meaning to ask how do you get your hands on ARCS...? My last YA bks were Twlight *eek* so long ago, must add more to my TBR pile. Great review!!

KC - Smokinhotbooks

Marissa said...

I have not read anything in the YA genre, don't know why but this sounds great. Sigh, my wishlist is getting impossible long and my tbr pile is endless. Great review!

Munk said...

Donna, I would say sub-genre would be mystery though it does deal with teen angst and social issues.

KC, I received this ARC from Barns & Noble. I'm also a moderator for an authors group and receive ARCS from them as well.
I would say this book is acceptable for a younger group of children than Twilight was while still being entertaining enough for adults to read. I have an 11 yr old & an 8 yr old and would have no problem with them reading it. It's a group of kids trying to find out what happened to their friend Amanda after she goes missing. They even have an interactive website that you can give theories and join in the hunt for Amanda. It's a very cool idea and one I think will pay off for them.

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