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Their Lady Liberty

Posted by Munk

Holy hell that was hott. if you need a quick tease this is the book for you. Sweet, sexy, emotional, and erotic all rolled into one. I give this one a thumbs up and will keep it handy for when I need a quick read. Going to take a cold shower now.....

Their Lady Liberty
Resplendence Publishing
ISBN: TBA Contemporary/Erotic Romancee-Book
Their Lady Liberty

There's nothing Liberty likes better than to spend her time with the two men who ignite her body and show her pleasures like no other. She belongs to them both and doesn't want it any other way.
Brandon and Neil want nothing more than to make Liberty happy and satisfied. With her hot body and carefree ways, their mind is on little else except the next time they get together. As they see it, there are worse things to be than at the mercy of a sex goddess.
Behind the steamed up windows of Brandon's van, the threesome meet up for an afternoon rendezvous where they can love freely and live out their most decadent fantasies.

The afternoon sun shone down in all its golden glory, blanketing her body like a warm caress. Signs of spring popped up along the forest with new foliage and vibrant splashes of color . She inhaled deeply and caught a heady fragrance in the air. It stimulated her senses and made her all too aware of the decadent hunger festering between her thighs.
Liberty clasped the thin gold chain around her neck and carefully opened the heart-shaped locket. With her fingernail, she traced the handsome faces that stared back at her. Brandon Lackey and Neil Paxson. Two of the hottest guys she'd ever known, and boy did they know how to satisfy a woman. After graduation the three swore to remain close. A promise she continued to keep.
With her workday over, she looked forward to what lay ahead. The extra hours she'd been putting in were taking a toll, but in the end she knew it would all be worth it. A new chapter of her life could begin, and she'd been dreaming of it for ages.
An impatient sigh left her lips and hung heavy in the humid air. She glanced at her watch, the one with the chipped face, and smiled. It was just after three o'clock, and the boys would be by soon to pick her up. In the meantime, she sauntered along the wooded trail that led to the nature park.
Liberty snapped the locket shut and kissed the jewelled exterior. Tiny topaz gems outlined the heart and sparkled in the sunlight. The pendant had been a special gift from Neil and Brandon for her twenty-first birthday. She'd half expected a vintage rock album or even a bouquet of wildflowers. They liked to spoil her, and took advantage of any occasion to do so. Far as she was concerned, spending time with them was gift enough. But when they brought out the locket, she'd been moved to tears. Along with their sentimental words.
"You know you'll always be our special girl. Our Lady Liberty."
And she was theirs. She belonged to them both. In heart, mind, spirit, and body.


Anonymous said...

This one sounds *really* steamy! I'll be adding it to the tbb for sure!

Erotic Horizon said...

Very attractive cover.....

and another thing (hands on hips)

Where are my men - pretty please just one....


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