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Her Mothers Killer

Posted by Munk

Another great read by Melissa Schroeder. The who done it aspect of this one hooked me from the start. I found myself pondering all the characters as they were introduced just to see if I could figure out who the killer was. Everyone was suspect in my mind.
As always I completely fell for all the characters. Thea is a strong, take no crap heroine. Duncan is the brooding alpha male who will stop at nothing to keep his woman safe. Together these two turn up the heat and give us the erotic ride we all love.
Twists and turns abound in this one and I hope to see more books like this in the future. Maybe Thea's brother Jed will have his very own crime to solve.......



DIGITAL ISBN: 978-1-60313-188-9PRINT ISBN: 978-1-60313-187-2



Althea Johnson would like to leave the past behind. The memories of her mother’s murder lurk in her dreams. She was happy to try to ignore it until someone drives her off the road and then begins sending her sick letters. Deciding to return to the small Texas town where it took place, Althea plans on using the skills she developed at Atlanta PD to solve the case. Her main problem is avoiding the sheriff, her old crush, Duncan Perry.
Duncan can’t believe his best friend’s little sister has grown into such a wonderful bundle of curves. He is at first stunned by his reaction to her, but never one to be slow, he starts putting the moves on her. It isn’t until he is completely seduced by her that he realizes that she is putting herself in danger to solve the old crime.
As both of them fall in love with each other, the stalking and danger escalates. Women close to Althea’s description are being found raped and murdered. The new lovers work overtime to figure out just what went wrong 20 years earlier, not realizing the mysteries they will reveal could jeopardize everything they are fighting for.


While Ms. Schroeder thankfully adds more than enough love scenes to satisfy even the most ardent erotica fan, her touch is delicate and her characters have enough depth to make the book about more than just bodies coming together on paper. It is a joy reading a book by an author who can actually write, and write well. This is book that any fan of romantic suspense needs to read very soon, you will not regret it. MICKEY, You Gotta Read Reviews

With a smorgasbord of juicy intricate details, the plot is a feast for the reader’s soul and a marvel the storyline could come together so seamlessly with no loose ends, no stones left unturned, no slow spots and no insulting solutions. The fearful tension begins with the first sentence and only steps aside for the intensity of the sexual tension…an absolute must read.
Karen Haas, Just Erotic Romance Reviews, Five Stars, O Rating

He decided he’d waited long enough for Thea and started up to the house. He ignored the interested stares and his brother’s laughter. Within moments, he stepped into the house. A few more people were gathered around the TV waiting for the next football game to start. Duncan paid them no attention and kept walking, determined to get to his destination. He turned the corner and started down the hall as Thea stepped out of the bathroom. Her eyes widened when she saw him.
He ignored her, slipping his arm around her waist and pulling her around another corner for privacy. She practically sputtered and tried to dig in her heels, but he didn’t slow down.
“Duncan Michael Perry!”
He stopped once he knew they were far enough away from the other guests. “What?”
She settled her hands on her hips. “What? Just what?”
He crossed his hands over his chest to keep from touching her. But it was hard to resist her. Her face was still flushed from the cool air outside and her irritation. He wondered what she would look like when she came.
She never lost her Texas twang, and it deepened when she was mad. He could just imagine her moaning his name, the way her flesh would feel against his.
He shook his head trying to get rid of the image, but it just wouldn’t budge. All he could think about was having her under him.
He focused on her mouth, the lush ripeness of her lips as her tongue darted out over the plump bottom.
“Stop what?” he asked.
He leaned closer, drew in the sweet essence of her.
“We agreed this wasn’t a good idea.”
He shook his head. “You said, not me.”
She placed her hand on his chest and he looked down at it, then back up at her. He saw it there, the passion he felt burning in his veins, speeding through his blood like fire. He knew she felt it. Her eyes darkened, her breathing increased. The noise of the TV and the guests faded in the background.
He leaned forward. She offered him no other resistance as he rubbed his mouth over hers, the barest of touch.
“We shouldn’t.”
Her voice barely registered it was so low, the denial so weak. Her breath heated his lips, her tongue dipping into his mouth.
“But we will.”
Without waiting for her response, he dipped his head and took possession of her mouth.


Erotic Horizon said...

Thanks for reminding me of this one - I keep meaning to write it down..

I will get it at the next shopping spree..

I love the cover..


Munk said...

It's such a smooth easy read. I loved it!

Brandy W said...

I loved it as well. Started and finished yesterday. I really, really, really enjoyed it.

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