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Wow! Another great author found at RT. Why has this series not been shoved down my throat. This is exactly what I love in a YA book. Fast paced & a clear voice gives this one an A+. If you are a fan of Twilight & The House Of Night Series this is a MUST read for you. I will be searching out every book by this new to me author.


Bailey Morgan isn't the type of girl who shows a lot of skin, but somehow, she ends up in a dressing room at the mall with her friend Delia applying a temporary tattoo to her lower back. Never one to suffer fashion doubt, trendsetter Delia knows exactly where she wants her own tattoo: on her stomach, right where her shirt ends - can you say "midriff"? Annabelle, the quiet one, chooses the back of her neck, and tomboy Zo plasters hers on the top of her foot. The tattoos will last for three days, and Delia's sure that with them, the four friends will absolutely kill at the school dance.

Unfortunately, killing is just what someone has in mind, and Bailey, Delia, Annabelle, and Zo are in for the battle of their lives. Along with her tattoo, each girl receives a gift - a supernatural power to help them in their fight. As Bailey's increasingly frightening dreams reveal the nature of their enemy, it becomes clear to the girls that it's up to them to save the world. And if they can get Delia to stop using her newfound power to turn gum wrappers into Prada pumps, they might actually stand a chance.

Released January 9th, 2007
ISBN: 038573347X



Erotic Horizon said...

Thanks for the recommendation...

I have the twilight series as my summer read - this will be added as well.


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