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Sue's Romantic Times Experience

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Hi Sticky Pages Readers!!

I'm Crazy Sue, a friend of Munk's, and she invited me to give my impressions about RT on her blog.

The Romantic Times Conference 2009 in Orlando, Florida was so much fun! I hope that all Sticky Pages Readers are able to meet this special group of people, be it at an RT in your area or some other event.

It's the the ladies that made RT fun and special for me. The authors and fangirls I met there were so warm, welcoming and friendly. And funny! And deliciously naughty in all the right ways.

By all appearances Shelley Bradley is so innocent and sweet. She looks like a fresh-faced ingenue just learning about life. And then she grins that saucy grin and you know first impressions can be so false. This is an awesome woman, y'all. A fantastic writer, she's also thoughtful, kind, LOL funny and just fun to be with. And she's totally amazed that she makes fangirls squeal.

Sylvia Day is exotic and mysterious. I always wonder what's going on behind those dark, sparkling eyes. Sylvia sparkles. Literally. Her eyes mesmerize me whenever I see her. She says she's shy and this surprises me because she's so charming and relaxed. This woman is quick! She can go from zero to 60 at any moment, a little bundle of high-test energy, full of strength and determination.

MacKenzie McCade, the blond, is tall with a gorgeous welcoming smile and dimples, and she's the sexiest, most naughty Grandma you'll ever meet! She's so proud of her kids and grandkids, it warms my heart. She can be completely deadpan and professional when she chooses, and intimidating too. High power corporate. Then *boom* her persona changes completely and she's talking about how delicious and lickable her new cowboys are with a grin and a twinkle in her eyes. Mac laughs with ease, her good humor infectious.

Karin Tabke is a Lady. Tall and tan, hair piled elegantly high, perfect make-up. And calm. She's like the eye of the storm in our rowdy group. What's a nice Lady like that doing hanging out with us? I was so wrong. Karin IS a Lady, and she is nice, but she's also deliciously wicked with a seething wit that she wields with surgical precision. I very much enjoyed the conversations I had with her.

The Canadian Conundrum, as I dubbed them, traveled very far from Canada to Orlando and were a treat to meet.

Sasha White is a force of nature. I swear gravity bends in her presence, drawing people to her. She has this deep, feminine-husky voice that is so sexy she could read the phonebook and have men harden. A rabble-rowser to the core, she was totally not scary. I wasn't overwhelmed by the strength of her personality; I was instantly comfortable with her.

Cathryn Fox isn't anything like I expected. I mean, have you read her books? They are naw-tay. My first impression of Cathy Fox was that she looked like a librarian. With her tiny blond pixieness, glasses and sweetly studious air I just knew she was going to shush me. But oh, no. Not only did I not get shushed, she is a ringleader for rowdiness. This woman is now Foxy Lady!

Shelly is a Foxy Lady companion and friend. She was fun to chat with and generously took pictures for the group. I hope she had a great time at RT. Shelly took this picture of the Wicked Writer's Breakfast.

Lily glows. She is an aspiring author who is on the cusp of being published. I loved her low-key excitement. It was like at any moment she was going to howl with delight, but she was trying to restrain herself. Howl, girl, HOWL.

More stellar authors:

Ciana Stone is a such a wonderful person. Her laugh is like nothing else. She writes in just about every genre out there for Ellora's Cave and she knows her stuff. She's also a graphic artist, a great one, she films/makes book teaser videos, designs book covers... so very skilled and creative. I find her work fascinating. Please, fangirl scream when you see her. No matter where you are. :-D

Mary Wine is truly a great woman. I've been a fan of hers for years with her ebooks. Look for a print explosion from this lady. In addition to her many talents, Mary is a historical costume designer and seamstress. She makes her own gorgeous gowns for the parties. Mary is a history buff, she has to be with her costumes, so she's a font of really cool info about what it was like living in the past.

Larissa Ione/Sydney Croft is so nice, even after my yip of happiness at meeting her flared her headache. I was so excited to meet her! I have a demon duck now to grace my shelf. AND I have a backlist of Croft books to discover because I have all her Ione books already!

Sahara Kelly is a Hoot! Her banter is fast and furious. And she is very brave. Sahara has this gorgeous long hair and she let me braid it (after shameless begging on my part) despite her fear of what I was doing to her behind her back. I have no idea why Ciana and Susan were laughing their asses off. *innocent eyes* The braid was beautiful! Sahara, you are such a good sport. And your English accent, delicious.

I gush at Angela Knight every time I meet her. She is such a dear woman, always welcoming and kind to her babbling fangirl, generous with her time and self-effacing. She told me she was horribly teased as a youth, which angers me but happens often, so to have people be star-struck to meet her is a real treat and kind of bizarre to her. She'll have to get used to it. I met Angela's sexy ex-cop hubby too. Rawr. No, I didn't get a picture of him.

Now as to my favorite fangirls...

Laurie K, gangsta L Kap, is COLORFUL, from her vibrant personality, her uber-fashion hair, her gorgeous tats, to her pretty painted toes. She's wild, but down-to-earth, thoughtful, very aware. I enjoyed every minute with her. I will never forget the power of her sexy ass on the dance floor. She started swaying to the music. Soon the dancers around her stared and began swaying with her, then ALL the dancers were following her sway AS A GROUP. It was like the Electric Boogie only L Kap Style! I have never in my life seen anything like it! Sway on L Kap.

Vicki Blueyes is quieter, but you know what they say about still waters run deep. That's Vick. She sees everything, processes it all and is spot on with what she thinks about things. I very much enjoyed our discussions about... everything. She is so interesting and a pleasure to hang with. Vicki is one of those pretty people who become more and more beautiful the better you know them. You know what I mean? When you meet her, you'll see. She's beautiful, inside and out.

Readers of Sticky Pages have gotten to know Munky. In addition to reading voraciously and having fabulous taste in books, eyecandy and shoes, she's clever, insightful, kind, generous, honest, forthright, has a wicked sense of humor, wears high heels well and simply loves the color pink. What you see is what you get, take it or leave it, and I just adore her for that.

So what I found at the Orlando Romantic Times Conference is that these people are simply wonderful. All the authors I met were welcoming and kind. Thanks for a great experience, one I'll never forget!



Karin Tabke said...

Suzy and Munk! I had a great time at RT and was so happy to finally meet you face to face!

Karin Tabke

Vicki said...

Sue, I loved meeting you and Munk. I can't believe this time a week ago we were sitting at breakfast and the weekend was just beginning. I miss you guys so much!

LKap said...

Sue and Munk -
You were both such bright spots in a sea of stars. I really can't express how much I enjoyed our weekend - and I'm ready to go at it again.
I'm so glad I didn't see all those people looking at my ass - I would have been mortified, but it was fun - nothing wrong with a little rumba beat and ass shakin' (If I do say so myself);-)

Brandy W said...

Sue great post. I loved your thoughts and the pictures.

Erotic Horizon said...

Great post and it seems as if everyone had a blast of a time...

Love the synopsis on each author.. Beautiful Smiles all round...

Munk .... Where are my NEKKID men ... I am missing them...


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