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No Longer Mine

Posted by Munk

No Longer Mine

A novel by
Shiloh Walker

This was my first Shiloh Walker read and you can bet it will not be my last. The emotional ride that Nikki and Wade take us on is bittersweet, heartbreaking, and oh so romantic. Few authors can claim the privilege of writing so well they can make me cry but Shiloh is one of them. The obstacles the hero and heroine must overcome to find their way back to each other are amazingly high. Can they do it or has their painful history destroyed all hope?


What was Nikki supposed to do? The man she loved years ago shows up in the place she made her home, hundreds of miles from where they met, reminding her of the love they had shared and lost. Nikki doesn't think she can cope with having to look into Wade's eyes and see the love there. All she wants to do is be left alone to protect what is left of her heart. But Wade doesn't seem to want to take no for an answer.


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