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Back From RT!

Posted by Munk

I had a blast, made lots of new friends, and met some of my idols! There were so many books.... I was in heaven!!! I had to have 3, count them 3 boxes shipped home. I can't wait to get them.

1 thing RT has taught me - how amazing the human body is. It can run on pure adrenaline for 3 days. I have never been so tired in all my life and can't wait to do it again.

Here is a list of some of the authors I met and my rambling thoughts about them.....

Shelley Bradley/Shayla Black- Who has to have the most deceptive looks on the planet. She looks so sweet, innocent, and all of 16 yrs old but come on. I mean we have ALL read her books right? If not you should be ashamed. So that leads to lesson #2 learned at RT. Never judge a book by it's cover. Ha! I was lucky enough to have dinner with her and I swear I couldn't even eat. I just kept thinking I'm sitting beside Shelley Freakin Bradley and she eats pizza too! Sorry Shelley, I was star struck.

Sylvia Day/S.J. Day/Livia Dare- Who was wonderful in every way,has a great sense of humor, is very patient *thanks for taking the photo over and over and over* and is fast on her feet. I swear to you this lady can run circles around me! Zoom zoom zoom. I never knew short people could move so fast. * see RT lesson #2* Only 1 more day until Eve Of Darkness releases .....YAY!!!!!

Mackenzie Mckade- Who is one of the sweetest ladies I have EVER met in my life. I'll be your groupie any time! *smooch*

Cathryn Fox-Who I only got to see for a second because every time I saw her she was swamped with fans.

Sasha White-Who is just as perky in real life as she seems in all the pictures I've seen of her. RT lesson #3 SOMETIMES you can judge a book by it's cover. I still didn't get to lick the cover of Most Wanted because they were all gone. :(

Karin Tabke-Who must have been hiding from me because I TRIED to stalk her but could never find her. It's okay I still love you.

Rachel Vincent- Who I'm pretty sure thinks I'm insane. She said she had never heard her name screamed like that before. Sorry Rachel, it was the only thing I could do to keep from passing out when I met you.

Jeaniene Frost- Who I totally geeked out on. I couldn't form 1 single coherent word. I think I might have blacked out but remained on my feet because there wasn't enough room to fall. She said my name "Munk" was very unusual and I swear to you, I spazzed out and froze up so bad I couldn't even tell her that's not my REAL name. Ha! RT lesson # 4 always have smelling salts with you while meeting idols!

Keri Arthur-Who was just a doll. I've been a fan since day 1. I really hope to meet her again!

Dakota Cassidy- Who is crazy beautiful. I'm so happy I got a copy of her books before they were all gone!

Michele Bardsley- Who I also froze up on but she had a long line so I didn't have to try to speak to her. LOL *see lesson #4

Lauren Dane and Megan Hart- Who seemed to always come as a pair. What a crazy set these 2 make. I really wish I would have caught up with them when they weren't swamped but I'm not sure such a time existed during RT.

Mary Wine- Who's books I will be reading shortly. What a wonderful lady she is.

Larissa Ione/Sydney Croft-Who is so down to earth and has the best evil duckies. It was the best time I have ever had waiting in line for hotel check out!

Ciana Stone- Who I was lucky enough to be introduced to and was wonderful. I'm so excited about reading your books! I cant wait!!

I found so many new authors at RT I may have to go into hiding for a few years just to get caught up on all my reading. Thanks guys for fueling my addiction and making me feel all warm and fuzzy inside! *pictures coming soon*!*


LKap said...

You are not allowed to go into hiding - we have more fun and authors to find!!!!

Terri said...

Glad you had fun. Dakota told me she met you not sure where I was but sorry I missed you.


Munk said...

Oh man I would have LOVED to have met you!!!

Vicki said...

There is no hiding, girl we've got more places to go and people to meet.

Really meeting you and Sue was just much of a starry eyed moment for me as meeting the authors. :)

Munk said...

*smooches* Vicki! I had such a great time with you guys. I'm so glad we got to spend the weekend getting to know each other. It was a magical time that I will never forget.

Karin* said...

Munk we did fianlly meet! You're adorable!

Munk said...

Oh I know *pout* but it didnt last long enough. Thank You! I thought you were pretty adorable yourself. :)

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