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Posted by Munk

Speaking of Lover Awakened.....

That was the book that pulled me out of my shell and introduced me to the whole world of author websites and book groups. Before that I just did my reading and kept to myself. It was my first yahoo group and that's where I got my recommendation for Shayla Black's "Wicked Ties", I fell in love which produced a domino effect on new to me authors and I've been a goner ever since.

How about everybody else....What book or person drove you to seek out the online obsession?


Greta said...

For me it was Blackmailed by Annemarie McKenna and Colter's Woman by Maya Banks. For years I had only read Harlequin Intrigues. One day I was surfing Amazon looking for something different and those two books jumped out at me. I have been the same sense.

Terri said...

For me it was the Undead series by MaryJanice Davidson which my husband at the time talked me into reading

Munk said...

Greta, I loved Colter's Woman!
Terri, I can never ever ever get enough of MJD!

LKap said...

I'm with you Munk - Once I read the Black Dagger series I was online there for a while read Wicked Ties and the rest they say is history ;-) pleasently so ;-O

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