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Desire Unchained

Posted by Munk

Larissa Ione

Desire Unchained
Demonica Book 2
Grand Central Publishing
Feb 24, 2009
ISBN-10: 044640098X
ISBN-13: 978-0446400985

Pleasure is their ultimate weapon . . .
Runa Wagner never meant to fall in love with the sexy stranger who seemed to know her every deepest desire. But she couldn’t resist the unbelievable passion that burned between them, a passion that died when she discovered his betrayal and found herself forever changed. Now, determined to make Shade pay for the transformation that haunts her, Runa searches for him, only to be taken prisoner by his darkest enemy.
A Seminus demon with a love-curse that threatens him with eternal torment, Shade hoped he’d seen the last of Runa and her irresistible charm. But when he wakes up in a dank dungeon chained next to an enraged and mysteriously powerful Runa, he realizes that her effect on him is more dangerous than ever. As their captor casts a spell that bonds them as lifemates, Shade and Runa must fight for their lives and their hearts—or succumb to a madman’s evil plans.



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I love Dooney as much as the next girl but......Why does Dooney & Bourke insist on putting food on their bags? I didn't say anything when they had the "Ice Cream Bag" and I can deal with the Duck hangtag but this is just to much. Ha!


As Shadows Fade

Posted by Munk

Colleen Gleason

Directly descended from the very first vampire hunter in the Gardella family, Victoria knows she must continue the lineage so humanity will have protectors against the undead.
While Sebastian Vioget appears to be both the perfect warrior and lover to ensure the Gardella Legacy, Victoria cannot forget Max Pesaro – the former slayer still haunted by the vampire queen Lilith's obsession with him.
But it is Lilith's obsession that may save all of humanity. Demons, enemies of both mortals and the undead, have found their way to earth. To defeat them, vampires and slayers must fight side by side. But Lilith wants Max in return for her cooperation ‐ a small price for the world, but too high a price for Victoria.

Excerpted from As Shadows Fade:

"Beg your pardon, sir, but my lady wishes you to attend on her," Oliver said most correctly.
Max glowered at him. "My lady?" Wayren or Victoria?
Oliver looked confused for a moment, then recovered, offering, "Lady Rockley." Apparently, he didn't consider Wayren a lady, which wasn't surprising. Only the Venators–and the evil ones–knew what she was capable of.
Max wadded up the towel and tossed it onto the table. Blast it. Could she not leave him be? He pulled out his last clean shirt and tugged it over his damp skin, where it seemed to stick everywhere. Just as his head emerged from the opening, he heard the man add, "She awaits you in her chamber."
Max stilled, his hands crushing into the soft linen. "Her chamber?"
Then he centered on the whirl of thoughts–and, damnation, the images–that bit of information invoked, and extracted the most palatable one. Victoria's face had been dead white and her clothes soaked with blood. Was she injured more severely than he'd thought? She'd never released Wayren's hand during their short meeting in the parlor.
Max opened his mouth to ask Oliver, but the young man had scuttled off, leaving the door ajar.
There was nothing for it but to "attend to her."
His mouth closed grimly, his jaw tight, he set off, certain that whatever he found, it wouldn't be to his liking.
When he reached Victoria's chamber, his peremptory knock produced no response. Max waited for a moment then knocked again, a bit harder, and the door edged open. Hell. Was he supposed to go in?
Blast it.
He'd not hesitated entering her chamber a few months ago when he first came back to London. He'd been uninvited then.
And now it was morning. Filled with light, which meant exposure. And few shadows in which to hide.
Max pushed the door open, his attention going immediately to the bed. It was empty.
He stepped inside and closed the door, firmly, behind him, looking around the chamber. Early morning sunlight filtered through the nearby tree branches, casting the small room in a soft warm glow. The bed lay pristine and made, high off the ground, with a bumpy white coverlet. The dressing table was situated near the entrance to what must be a small dressing room. The mirrored table held an array of lady-like items–and a few that were not so lady-like: perfume bottles, combs, brush, jewelry, stakes, holy water vials....
He paused and looked more closely, seeking a slender blue-tinted bottle. No. It was gone. The potion that he knew Victoria drank in order to keep from getting with child. Aunt Eustacia, and now Kritanu, made it for her. But it was gone, and he knew that Victoria had made good on her promise to stop taking it.
Max did not want to consider the implications of that fact, and he turned abruptly to examine the rest of the room.
The fireplace held a neat stack of kindling ready to be lit should the weather turn chill or rainy. A chair in the corner near the floor-to-ceiling drapes would provide a good, distant seat from any other furnishings or activity in the room; it was the same chair in which he'd sat when he'd visited her chamber before. This morning, the windows had been flung open, and a soft breeze filtered through them.
Where the hell was Victoria? Had she sent for him or not?
Suddenly, he heard a faint...splash. Water.
Max looked past the dressing table toward the dressing room and swore. Under his breath.
She was taking a bloody bath.
He turned, ready to flee, when the chamber door opened and in bustled the poof-haired maid Verbena. She carried a load of linens, and didn't appear surprised to see him.
And now it was too damned late for him to slip out without being noticed.
"Oh, an' there y'are," the maid said, bustling past him. "S'sorry t'keep ye waiting, my lord, sir," she added, her skirts sending a glass bottle clinking against another on the table as she hurried into the dressing room.
Where Victoria was bathing.
Christ. Almighty.
Max considered making his escape anyway when the chamber door opened again and in limped Vioget.
He hadn't even knocked.
And he looked exceedingly pleased with himself as he came into the room dressed no more formally than Max himself, in trousers and an untucked shirt. Vioget never went about in such dishabille. He likely thought he'd not long be attired at all.
Fully aware of Vioget's penchant for carriage seductions, Max couldn't keep his mouth closed. "You're a bit out of your element, Vioget. There's not a carriage in the vicinity."
He had to give the man credit; he eclipsed his shock almost immediately. "What are you doing here?"
"Likely the same as you," Max replied smoothly, sinking into the chair in the corner. "Responding to our ladyship's beck and call. Unless you weren't beckoned, and are calling uninvited?"
"I was referring to your presence in London, not in this chamber," Vioget responded.
Max looked away. Bloody damned good question. If he'd leave, Victoria would have no choice but to be with Vioget.
Now that she wasn't drinking from the little blue bottle.
He eyed Vioget with a mixture of loathing and candor. For all the man's faults, Max knew Sebastian cared for Victoria and would protect the woman who feared little, and needed no protection–at least, overt protection.
If only Max would get out of his way and allow him to do what both men wanted Vioget to do.

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Tempt Me With Darkness

Posted by Munk

Shayla Black

He’s an immortal knight hungering for satisfaction. . . .
As soon as Marrok sees Olivia Gray, he’s sure they met in eons past. He’s felt her soft, gentle curves writhing in pleasure beneath his own powerful body. . . Morganna! For centuries, towering Marrok, once the mightiest of King Arthur’s warriors, has endured a terrible curse the witch cast upon him when he spurned the witch.
She’s a modern woman about to discover ancient magic. . . .
Olivia shares a mystical—and irresistible—connection with brooding Marrok. Soon after the sexy warrior appears in her erotic dreams, he abducts her, demanding she uncurse him. Their intense passion is more powerful—and intimate—than either of them has ever known. Olivia may be the key to unlocking the diary that will break Morganna’s hold on his life. But in the wrong hands, the book also holds the power to destroy magickind. As they search for answers, a ruthless wizard returned from exile is building an army of evil. When he discovers Marrok and Olivia have the diary, only their love—with the help of a powerful group of magical Brethren—can save them.

Genre: Paranormal/Urban Fantasy
RomanceBuy: Amazon Barnes & Noble Borders Books-A-Million Overstock Target
Buy eBook: Amazon Kindle Fictionwise Sony Simon Says

Read the First Chapter »



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Rachel Vincent has managed to captivate me again. I am in love with this series. Faythe is as sassy as ever. This one left me wanting in a way that I wouldnt mind aging a little faster just so July could hurry up and get here. I cant wait to read Prey. It's killing me! This tabby has a lot of unfinished business and I want to know what happens NOW! Well done Rachel, well done.

Here's hoping cats do have nine livesI’m on trial for my life. Accused of infecting my human ex-boyfriend—and killing him to cover up the crime. I’m not guilty. But tell that to the panel of Alphas sitting in judgment. Infecting a human is one of three capital offenses recognized by the Pride—along with murder and disclosure of our existence to a human.I’m two for three. A goner. On top of that, Marc is in danger of being tossed from the Pride, then we discovered a rogue stray terrorizing the mountainside, hunting a wild teenage tabbycat. I think I can protect her from both the ambitious rogue and the scheming of the territorial council. If I survive my own trial…
Pride is available for pre-order at Barnes and Noble, Borders, Books-A-Million, and Amazon.

Click for an excerpt:


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Posted by Munk

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