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Lord Sirius

Posted by Munk

Lord Sirius was absolutely hilarious. I loved it! The bantering between Sirius and Victoria was so funny and sexy I could not read this book fast enough.
Be sure to keep a fan handy because Victoria and Sirius are so hot and tempting they are sure to make you sweat.
This was one steamy steamy read!!!!

She is a mental yawn, young and boring, or so he thought.Still he has decided to wed her. Unfortunately the lady of his choice appears not to be interested. To keep her close while he attempts to win her favor, Sirius must resort to blackmail. He demands kisses for offenses to relieve boredom. Victoria will be ruined if Sirius reveals her secret scandal. In exchange for his silence he demands kisses for each insult she inflicts. Yet she is unable to resist insulting the haute lord. Making matters worse, her cousin that has been trying to kill her to gain her inheritance, now kidnaps Victoria to force marriage on her. A wife can have accidents! Can Sirius save her from this debaucher and a secret admirer?


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